Integrated Telecommunication Solutions


Planning and installing a Broadband, VOIP and Wireless network demands a variety of skills, from technical know-how and dynamic thinking to customer service and negotiation.

We plan and build entire networks for our customers, regardless of the project size, location or complexity. With a dedicated team of network planners, cable technicians and testers and with the innovative high-tech solutions and equipments of the world-class manufacturers we provide the highest levels of expertise and technology to ensure the network operates effectively and efficiently.

Integrated Telecommunication System covers all aspects of the installation process, from making contact with the customer and arranging an installation date, to conducting internal and external installation, as well as offering a follow-up service. 



Solution for ensuring Public Safety and protection of the State 

Public safety personnel need to collaborate when required and to evaluate conditions and locations through analysis of real-time information from multiple sources, including emergency calls, voice calls, images, video streams from a closed circuit television system, biometrics and weather sensors. Therefore, information and communication technologies become the most powerful weapons in their security and prevention strategy.




Solution for ensuring operation of Oil and gas Infrastructure

To meet booming demand in such a complex environment, oil and gas companies are turning to sophisticated automation, remote monitoring, real-time asset management and state-of-the-art communications in order to improve productivity within far-flung operations while ensuring site physical and cyber-security and the welfare of their workers. This requires an advanced communication infrastructure as a critical enabler.




Solution for ensuring operation of Transport infrastructure 

On the world’s highways, in both urban and interurban areas, traffic volumes are growing rapidly, generating congestion, pollution and frequent traffic hazards. In this context, highway operators are actively seeking solutions that enable them to boost operational efficiency, improve the flow of traffic, enhance safety and security for travelers, and provide real-time information for drivers.




Solution for ensuring the operation of Railways Infrastructure

A modern, reliable, and flexible communications network allows a railway operator to route the IP/Ethernet-based monitoring, control and status data effectively, efficiently and on time that guarantee the delivery of the various mission-critical operational and corporate voice, data, and video services vital to a railway operation. This converged network will allow a railway operator to maximize the cost effectiveness and efficiency of its network without jeopardizing reliability while enabling the deployment of new devices and applications that can improve operational and workflow efficiency.


Solution for ensuring the operation of Energy Infrastructure

The power grid is vital to delivering the energy that people have come to expect in their personal and professional lives. And ensuring the safe, reliable and secure delivery of high-quality power is the power utility’s primary objective. While they have done this very successfully for many years, aging power grids, combined with increasing demand, are now leading many power utilities to transform the way they do business by using smart grid technologies. To enable this transformation, power utilities are taking a closer look at a different kind of power — the power of their communications network to enable the smart grid and its real-time applications.

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