Terms of Use


«Intelligent Network Solution» is the sole owner of information, tracking and collecting of which is carried out on this website. We under no circumstances do this information publicly available. We do not sell it and we do not gain income from it, except for the cases explicitly provided by this terms of use or ordered by the general jurisdiction court.



Using cookie files by no means is related to any information on our website that would allow to identify the personality. When the user closes the browser, the session of cookie files comes to the end. If the user rejects the cookie files, he/she still can continue to use our website, but at that time access for the user to separate parts of the website can be limited.


Joint data using                                                  

We reserve the right to use collected general data for statistical purposes. These data do not contain any data allowing to identify the personality.



Our website contains links to other websites. «Intelligent Network Solution» bears no responsibility for methods of confidentiality preservation or content of any other websites, the links to which we give on our website.


Collection of other types of information

Sometimes our website collects data about visitors related to temporary marketing activity, such as seminars, trial free work with clients, expert examinations etc. Participation in such activity shall be carried out on a voluntary basis that allows the visitor to define whether he/she will disclose any personal data. Such data can include contact information (for example, name, e-mail address, phone number), demographic data (for example, postal index, date of birth) or other information. The data will be used for providing necessary services to the visitor. The data obtained during expert examination are used for improvement of the quality of work of our website and the provided services.


Cancellation of subscription

Users who do not want to receive our letters or advertizing mailing any more, can click on the link enclosed in the letter to refuse receiving messages in the future.


Notification in case of change of the policy

If we make a decision on change of our privacy policy, we give information about such changes on our website. Thus, our users will continue to receive updates about what information we collect, how we use these data, whether such information will be publicly available and, if yes, in what form. If we make the decision that we will use information allowing to identify the personality, by way other than what was specified at the moment of receiving this information, users to whom similar information concerns will be notified on it by means of a letter. After that users can make the decision whether they allow to use these data in such an updated way. We use data only according to the privacy policy that was valid at the date of data collection.

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